Spring 2024 at the Garden!

Growing at Filbert Street Garden is underway!

We’re officially in the growing season now! Our hoop house has slowed down from our Fall and Winter leafy greens and herbs, and is ready to be turned over for a robust Spring and Summer growing season. Garlic and onions are going strong and will be ready for harvest in a couple months. Our fruit trees are pruned and prepped. We’ve switched out our Production Garden raised beds for more versatile and dynamic mounded beds. This will also allow us to grow more produce for the community than ever before, which is perfectly timed with the expansion of our curbside pantry. Along with the delicious classics you’ve come to expect from us, we’re excited to be growing culturally relevant heirlooms like Baltimore Fish Peppers, Hill Country Red Okra and more!

We’re excited to see both new and familiar faces in the Inner Garden this year! Our community gardeners have been working hard preparing and planting their plots. Our Garden Coordinator has been tending to seedlings that will be ready to go to our gardeners and the broader community in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for our Seedling Giveaway on May 11th from 11am-1pm right at Filbert Street Garden!

Seedlings galore!

The Production Garden Abounds!

With help from our Internal Relations Coordinator and Master Gardener, Shira Goodman, Filbert Street Garden has successfully launched the production garden for the 2023 season. The production garden is a smaller fenced off area, located in between the bee yard and the shade area. The garden has 12 raised beds, all of them dedicated to growing vegetables for the community. In the spring, the production garden produced radishes, peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots, scallions and arugula. Now that summer is in full swing, the garden has pivoted to all of our favorite summertime veggies, including tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, beets, okra, peppers and tomatillos.

Shira makes it a priority to visit the production garden at least three times a week, and spends her time weeding, pruning, trellising, tackling pests, planting, and most importantly, harvesting. The garden’s produce goes to our Little Free Pantry! The stewards also help keep the production garden afloat by watering daily and taking on additional tasks as needed.

If you’re interested in expanding your vegetable garden knowledge and skill set, the production garden could use your help! Please email Shira Goodman at [email protected] to coordinate a time to volunteer. You’ll be able to learn from an experienced gardener, and help contribute to feeding the Curtis Bay community.

Update on Native Plants Project

We’re excited to be entering phase three of our native garden project! Phase one consisted of planting native trees and shrubs along the 4000 sq ft outer fence line on Elmtree Street. We have installed 15 trees including persimmon, elderberry, chokeberry, Eastern redbud, serviceberry, and paw paw. All of these trees also have the benefits of being edible! 

Phase two was the installment of a pollinator garden and edible native raised bed. This is located inside the fence, next to our bee yard. Plants were chosen intentionally to ensure blooms from early Spring through first frost in order to keep our many honey bee hives well stocked and happy! 

Phase three involves planting native flower gardens between the trees and shrubs that were installed in phase one. This will fill out the space while adding a number of habitats and food sources for native species. 

With this project, we aim to channel the principals of regenerative agriculture, which means nurturing and restoring soil health while facilitating increased biodiversity. We hope you’re able to enjoy the blooms, native species, and edible fruits from these efforts for years to come! We are endlessly thankful to the varied and eager volunteers who have made this work possible. 

– Brittany Coverdale, Garden Steward