Hey there! I'd love a plot at your garden.

Our plots vary in size and are from $5 to $30 in yearly dues. We require a reasonable level of upkeep for the plots and do have restrictions on certain invasive plants (e.g. blackberries) in our beds. We have water available on site and have gardening tools available. Please register here if you are interested in getting a plot for the season.

Is the garden secure?

Our garden is well fenced and utilizes barbed wire mesh. All patrons of the garden with plots have a key. Guests are welcome in the garden, but only under the supervision of a patron.

What kind of events do you have?

We have many types of events at the garden from spring to autumn!

Seasonal events include our Easter, Filbert Fest, and Autumn Faire events. These events provide food, tours, contests, and host games.

Work days: Our patrons and local volunteers assist in cleaning the garden, painting, weeding, and minor construction. These days are an excellent opportunity to earn volunteer hours.

Can I pet the animals?

Yes and no.

Any animal that will allow itself to be pet is welcome to pet. However, picking up our chickens, ducks, and geese is strictly prohibited. Garden staff can facilitate holding certain birds on a case to case basis.

Can I feed the animals?

Friends from the community routinely offer our birds scraps of food. Bread is welcome, but leafy veggies are preferred. Please avoid dairy products such as cheese and butter.

We have a sign in front of the goat habitat about acceptable things to feed the goats.